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Autumn and winter shopping coming, many of us would choose hoodies or sweatshirts, So do you know what kind of materials are they made of?

Today I will share with you the two most common materials – French terry and Fleece

| What is french terry?

French terry is a versatile knit fabric with soft loops on the inside and a smooth surface on the outside. This knit has a soft, warm texture you’ll recognize from your comfiest sweatshirts to athleisure joggers as well as loungewear. French terry can be medium to heavy weight—lighter than cold-weather sweatpants but heavier than your typical t-shirt.


| What is fleece?

Fleece is a soft, fuzzy fabric made to keep you warm! The word fleece comes from the comparison to the fleecy wool of a sheep, although today’s typical fleece comes in a variety of fibers.Fleece fabrics can come in both stretchy knits or stable wovens, both having a napped thick raised pile. While some fleece today is made with polyester, fleece fabrics made with cotton fiber content are better for the environment. Cotton rich fleece is also breathable while keeping you warm.


Post time: Sep-14-2022